Grass fed Beef

Greenbrier Grass fed/Grass finished Beef

Our grass fed beef was the original animal that started the farm back in 1988 and has always been 100% grass fed from start to finish still to this day. Our beef has the distinctive taste of our land and has been maintained to forage a wide variety of fresh grasses, clovers and planted seasonal annuals each and every day. With different areas of the farm planted in grasses and other legumes that best suit the seasonal dietary needs of our cattle and our intensive grazing program, we’re able to feed the highest quality grass available nearly year round. 

Whole and half beef has very limited availability, so if you’re interested please email

Beef Products | Cuts

FILET $22.00 per lb
RIB EYE $18.95 per lb
NY STRIP $17.95 per lb
GROUND BEEF $7.99 per lb
STIR FRY BEEF $7.50 per lb
STEW MEAT $7.50 per lb
CHUCK ROAST $8.95 per lb
LONDON BROIL $8.95 per lb
SIRLOIN TIP ROAST $9.95 per lb
SHOULDER ROAST $8.95 per lb
RUMP ROAST $8.95 per lb
CUBED STEAK $7.75 per lb
BRISKET $8.95 per lb


Whole / Half Beef Pricing 

WHOLE BEEF $6.15 lb hanging weight (avg 525-600 lbs)
HALF BEEF $6.40 lb hanging weight (avg 250-350 lbs)


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