Pastured Chicken

Pastured Heritage Chicken

All of the heritage bred pasture raised chickens we sell enjoy a daily move to fresh grass and clovers all while chasing bugs of various kinds throughout pastures and expressing their royal chicken-ness. All of our chickens are processed and packaged in a USDA inspected facility and are as lean and flavorful as they come. Since we only sell chickens when the weather is warmer to reduce stress on the animal, we typically sell from mid April thru mid December with a majority already set aside for our CSA members and various restaurants.

So come see us at market or on the farm. Bulk orders and wholesale are available. Please contact for wholesale questions.


Whole Chicken $5.35/lb
Boneless Skinless Breast $11.95/lb
Chicken Drumsticks $6.75/lb
Leq Quarters $5.85/lb
Chicken Thighs $7.95/lb
Buffalo Style Wings $6.00/lb
Chicken Livers $2.00/lb
Chicken Hearts $2.00/lb
Chicken Feet $1.50/lb
Chicken Back Bones $3.25/lb




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