Certified Organic Produce

From the Garden     

From morning dew to crickets at dusk, our garden is a place of tranquility and good bounty.  Always reminding us that Mother Nature has the final say and we are all just along for the ride. Since 2009, co-owner and operator, Chad Bishop, along with many other caring hands, has spent hours into days cultivating and nurturing the soil, the seeds and the in-betweens to provide good, clean USDA Certified Organic produce our customers have come to rely on to feed their families.  Our sustainable gardening practices ensure the soil will continue to improve with each season, which in turn will provide our plants with the nutrients they need to thrive.

You can purchase our fresh produce offerings through our CSA, our farm store, local farmer’s markets and select retailers. Also, check out our list of participating restaurants and ask for our products! Our hope is that with every bite, you enjoy the hard work and love that has gone into each and every crop our garden produces.

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Our organic produce is available at the TD Market in Downtown Greenville(Saturdays May-Oct), onsite store, select local retailers, restaurants and Greenbrier Events. 


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