Greenbrier believes if you give back to the land, the land will give right back. We raise good, clean grass and good, clean soil rid of herbicides, pesticides.  That in turn feeds our animals and ensures their lifestyle and diet are the envy of many. That passion and care turns into delicious and unforgettable meals all the while never stripping away from the land, harming the animals or compromising your health.


Co-owner and operator Roddy Pick has made a living out of meticulously calculating every step and every meal our animals take and digest. Given his background in logistics, he has applied that same knowledge to the rotation of our herd often saying we are grass farmers above all other, and our animals are the byproducts of those sustainable efforts. His focus and passion on sustainable farming, specifically sustainable forages benefits our land, our animals and the food they produce.  His team lovingly works with our animals daily, moving them to greener pastures, feeding them clean water and offering them the best and most nutritious natural forages available.  That love and care is something we just don’t compromise.


Our pastured meats are available through our CSA Program, local farmer’s markets, onsite store, local and regional retailers and restaurants and Greenbrier Events. Contact for info.

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Our Partners

We believe in long term sustainable agriculture and understand we cannot do it alone.  Over the years, we have made a commitment to educating and feeding our community with the help and knowledge of trusted organizations and farmers who share the same passion and integrity.  These alliances have helped shaped not only our farming operation but the future of others – which directly impacts our communities. We partner with many different entities so we can all continue to grow for the good of our land, our animals and our health.

Carolina Farms Stewardship Association

The CFSA has been helping local farmers for years in continued education, networking, grants and resources.  Our own Roddy Pick sits as Vice President on the Board of Directors for the CFSA and is committed to standardizing policies to benefit all farmers – new and old. This organization connects farmers with farmers as well as farmers with consumers - through various classes, events and farm tours, acting as a sounding board for anyone with questions on sustainable agriculture in our region.

“We advocate for fair farm and food policies. We work to change agriculture laws and regulations to benefit local and organic small and mid-sized farms. CFSA helps create vibrant and sustainable local food systems throughout the Carolinas by building collaborative networks that integrate sustainable food production, safe handling and processing practices, distribution, consumption, and waste management in order to enhance the environmental, economic, and social health of people and places in North and South Carolina.” – Carolina Farm Stewardship Association


Furman University

Greenbrier has been working with Furman University for over seven years, collaborating on various projects.  Our most recent collaboration awarded us a grant to study Agroforestry and Silvo Pasture in the Carolinas and Georgia. By resurrecting hardwoods and reclaiming the understory of our existing forests, we’re looking to better the natural forages our pigs eat to supplement processed feed, reduce land compaction and erosion. As farmers, we stay quite busy, so the idea of our animals helping us help them is a benefit in time efficiency as well as establishing delicious finished products we sell to our customers. Through this grant, we are able to plant trees producing nuts and seasonal fruits, and plant new annual forages our pigs can consume. Participating Farms: Greenbrier Farms, Easley, SC; Bio Way Farms, Ware Shoals, SC; Spint Creek Farms, Augusta, GA; Spirit Level Farms, Rutherfordton, NC; Furman University Farm, Greenville, SC


Adam Grady Family Farm: Kenansville, NC

As we’ve grown and demand has increased for high quality, pastured pork products, we decided to expand our network and partner with Adam Grady Family Farm. Adam is another likeminded farmer that shares our same passion and vision towards sustainability and humanely raised animals - making the integrity of their land and wellfare of their animals taking top priority. Adam Grady’s family has been raising hogs for generations. Adam grew up helping the family business but eventually decided to turn what once was a commercial confinement farm into a pastured based hog operation that will be sustainable for the years to come. In addition to being Animal Welfare Approved, Adam Grady shares the same forage based mindset and heritage breed characteristics that we’ve worked years to put together here at Greenbrier. 

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