Greenbrier believes if you give back to the land, the land will give right back. We raise good, clean grass and good, clean soil rid of herbicides, pesticides or anything other than sun, water and sustainable care. That in turn feeds our animals and ensures their lifestyle and diet are the envy of many. That passion and care turns into delicious and unforgettable meals all the while never stripping away from the land, harming the animals or compromising your health.

Co-owner and operator Roddy Pick has made a living out of meticulously calculating every step and every meal our animals take and digest. Given his background in logistics, he has applied that same knowledge to the rotation of our herd often saying we are grass farmers above all other, and our animals are the byproducts of those sustainable efforts. His focus and passion on sustainable farming, specifically sustainable forages benefits our land, our animals and the food they produce.  His team lovingly works with our animals daily, moving them to greener pastures, feeding them clean water and offering them the best and most nutritious natural forages available.  That love and care is something we just don’t compromise.

Our pastured meats are available through our CSA Program, local farmer’s markets, onsite store, local and regional retailers and restaurants and Greenbrier Events. 

Beef                 Chicken                Pork

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