Our Story

Our Story

Owners Chad and Amy Bishop and Roddy Pick met in Greenville, SC in the early 2000s after sharing a love of music and living in the same downtown neighborhood.  Chad's aunt and uncle, Joyce and John Palmer started the farm in 1988 with the intention to develop the land through his uncle's construction company.  After a health diagnosis and experimenting with the idea of eating organic products including meats raised only on grasses free of pesticides or herbicides to prolong that diagnosis, the Palmers decided not to develop the land and started a hobby farm instead.  The couple raised grass fed and grass finished beef among other livestock.  John's passion for sustainbility and conservation coupled with his engineering background laid the ground work for Greenbrier Farms. He survived his diagnosis for almost 20 years as he and Joyce began selling their products directly to local customers and Garner's Health Market in Greenville.

Meanwhile, the Bishops and Pick met and became friends while living in Greenville.  Pick eventually moved to Indianapolis, IN to work in logistics for a transportation company and the Bishops worked in downtown Greenville in marketing and sales.  After John passed away in 2007, Chad and Amy were at a crossroads in their lives and toyed with the idea of moving to the farm in hopes of keeping it in the family and seeing where they could take it.  Chad had spent his summers there as a child and had a fondness for what his aunt and uncle had started. After approaching his aunt with this idea, Chad and Amy moved their family to the farm. 

Shortly thereafter, they realized they needed help. The Bishops and Pick had stayed in touch for years after Roddy had moved to Indianapolis.  Although he liked Indianapolis, Roddy felt there was more to life than the corporate lifestyle.  He was living in an urban setting but practicing a sustainable lifestyle of his own and appreciated what Chad and Amy were starting to do at the farm.  When the Bishops approached him with the idea of moving to back to South Carolina to help run the farm, he jumped at the chance.  By the end of 2009, the two families began operating Greenbrier Farms as a fully working, sustainble farm. 


To divide and conquer the duties and businesses of the farm, Chad manages the garden, Roddy manages the livestock and Amy manages the events along with their families and a small, but loyal and hardworking staff.  Greenbrier's goal is to provide their community with healthy, quality products and experiences that produce a positive impact on their customers, their livestock and their farm’s land.

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