Pastured Pork

Pastured Heritage Pork

We say our pigs are pasture raised but they’re also raised in the woods, in the garden, in the greenhouses and anywhere else we can find that they can get some work done for us. Keeping our pigs on the move allows us to constantly supplement their feed with whatever nutrients the land has to provide. Whether it be acorn and black walnut wooded lots or the gleaning of fall crops or planted annual forages, our pigs are continually foraging naturally and loving life.

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Pork Products | Cuts

TENDERLOIN $16.00 per lb    
CHOPS $10.00 per lb
BOSTON BUTT $6.00 per lb
HAM ROASTS $6.00 per lb
SHOULDER ROAST $6.00 per lb
SAUSAGE Varieties $7.00 per lb
PORK HOCKS $4.00 per lb
PORK BELLY $6.50 per lb
SPARE RIBS $6.00 per lb
FAT BACK $2.00 per lb


Whole / Half Pork Pricing

Whole Pig $4.90/lb hanging weight (avg 195-215 lbs)
Half Pig  $5.10/lb hanging weight (avg 110-115 lbs)


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