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Ethically Raised Meat

Including 100% grass-fed beef in your meal plan gives you not only better nutrition to fuel your life but also supports your local ecosystem.


Raising cows in wide-open pastures gives the animals the life they were meant to live. But it also ensures that the land is rich in nutrients that help raise healthy livestock and preserve our natural resources for future generations.

dark brown cow with red and green tags in its ears looking at the camera

100% grass-fed beef

Our cattle herd is a mix of primarily black and red Angus cows, fed and finished on grass.


Our cows are fed zero grain, given zero hormones, and administered zero antibiotics.

Meat Pricing

Beef pricing per pound

Whole cow (hanging weight avg. 625-675 lbs.) | $7.95

Half cow (hanging weight avg. 300-350 lbs.) | $8.25

Filet | $30.50

Ribeye | $23.45

NY strip | $22.45

Sirloin | $15.45

Ground beef | $11.50

Stir fry beef | $9.75

Stew meat | $9.75

Chuck roast | $11.75

London broil | $11.00

Sirloin tip roast | $12.75

Shoulder roast | $11.75

Rump roast | $11.00

Cubed steak | $10.50

Brisket | $10.85

Flank steak | $16.00

Skirt steak | $16.00

Hanger steak | $19.00

Tongue | $7.50

Ox tail | $9.00

Beef bones | $4.75

Beef liver | $4

Contact to Purchase

Meat contact form

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Regenerative Farming in Upstate South Carolina

Regenerative agriculture for the flourishing of our farm & community


Greenbrier Farms’ goal is to be true stewards of the land and set the standard of regenerative agriculture in South Carolina, the Southeast, and beyond. We believe that regenerative farming practices are best not only for the land we live on ourselves but also for our families and community.


The output of our farming practices include grass-fed, grass-finished beef that we sell right here in our community. Allowing our animals to eat and move the way nature intended benefits the land, the animal, and you.


We work specifically with thought leaders and experts ranging from biology to sociology professors at Furman University, Clemson University, The University of Georgia, the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, and organizations such as Upstate Forever

Partnerships that bring local food to your table

Nourish yourself and your family with food grown responsibly right here in the Upstate. You'll find our meat and produce featured at various local establishments, including Fork and Plough in the Overbrook neighborhood of Greenville. Or you can buy half-or-whole-animal directly from us by contacting Roddy.

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What is regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture uses time-tested farming techniques that help a damaged ecosystem heal itself, restoring nutrients to the soil and providing a safe environment for native flora and fauna.


Even the meat livestock we raise contribute to this task while giving them a life of health and dignity.

At Greenbrier Farms, we don't take the stewardship of our land lightly. Just like all the various systems within our own bodies are intricately linked to each other, all the various systems of nature (and our relationship with nature) are entwined. In farming, we call this "agroecology."


When you step foot on our farm, you won't find...

  • Pesticides and herbicides that disrupt the ecosystem (and our bodies)

  • Livestock stuffed into crowded, dirty pens

  • Cows eating commercial feed that they weren't designed to consume


But you will find...

  • Natural pest control with barn cats, bats, and one of the most diverse representations of bird systems in the Upstate

  • Native flora and fauna thriving in healthy soil

  • Rotational pasture grazing for the cows


All of these practices and more are best not only for the animals and for the land, but also for future generations. It's forward-thinking—recognizing our responsibility to make the best use of our natural resources now so that it continues for years to come.

herd of cows in the pasture eating grass and looking at the camera

Contact us with questions about our farming practices or meat availability.

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